Drupal Proficiency:

Drupal is one of the more complex open-source content management systems. It currently has over twenty thousand modules developed by the community which gives it amazing flexibility to accomplish your task. Drupal's hook system allows developers to alter parts of modules without worrying too much about conflicts when you update. Its field API and entity system makes it easy to program functionality that requires cross reference checks between pages, users, and categories.

I have over five years developing websites in Drupal while employed at Burst! Creative Group Inc. During that time, I've developed custom modules and themes for each client's customized needs.

WordPress Proficiency:

Wordpress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems. With over fifty thousand community plugins, it can be customized to suit almost any need. The shortcode system allows designers to easily create pages with different layouts.

I have over two years experience developing WordPress websites. Most of that time was spent creating themes and developing custom widgets for the Visual Composer plugin, which allows clients to layout pre-defined blocks on pages.

jQuery Proficiency:

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library for websites. Millions of websites have it implemented and thousands of plugins are available for free. It makes HTML manipulation very easy.

I have over six years programming jQuery functionality. During that time, I have published multiple plugins, such as sliders and image popups.

PHP Proficiency:

PHP is the most popular server-side language for the web, and every low-cost server supports it by default. A lot of popular content management systems for the web, such as Drupal and WordPress, are built with it. PHP is a very versatile language that you can easily extend it with custom functions and classes.

I have over seven years experience programming PHP. During that time, I've developed content management systems with just a LAMP stack, as well as create websites in Drupal and WordPress.

Photoshop Proficiency:

Photoshop is the industry standard for professional photo editing. I have experience taking website designs in Photoshop and coding those designs into websites. I can also product graphics for the end-user as well with various posters.

Codeigniter Proficiency:

CodeIgniter is a bare bones PHP framework with a MVC pattern. It doesn't offer much out-of-the-box, but it's very lightweight.

For larger development projects, a lot of time will be spent reading documentation for the CMS and various plugins you'll be installing. However, sometimes requirements are too niche that the original developer never considers that functionality to be an option. It often takes more time to reverse-engineer functionality into existing code than it takes to code it from scratch.

I have multiple projects built in CodeIgniter and I like the fact that it doesn't throw in a bunch of functionality by default. CodeIgniter allows developers to start building without worrying about third party conflicts.

Node.js Proficiency:

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It allows JavaScript to be run outside of a browser. The scripts can be designed to run on servers like Express. Local scripts can also run for tasks like automatic code compiling.

I've developed a script to automatically add a comment to closing CSS brackets. It's useful for giving your code structure with nested hierarchies that are several layers deep.

Git Proficiency:

Git is a tool to manage code and easily allows multiple developers to work on the same project. Its version control system provides a reliable way to backup, restore and deploy code.

React Proficiency:

React is a JavaScript framework built by Facebook. It is lightweight and fast; new content is displayed almost immediately. Components are in JavaScript which allows complex logic to manipulate data on the client side.

I've built a faceted search with React which filters through over 5000 nodes in under one second.