Asia Standard Americas is one of the world's premier developers. Burst! Creative Group was chosen to build them a brand new website and we executed their vision of genuine luxury, timelessness, and commitment of craft by translating their values into a digital context.


  • Multi-lingual
  • WordPress
Nested Sliders
Animated elements
Page Transitions
Bilingual content

Nested Sliders

This website features sliders in multiple locations, most notably the homepage. Swiper is the JavaScript slider on this website. This slider provided horizontal and vertical sliding animations along with visible dragging progress.

The homepage also features nested sliders; each vertical slide has the option of having a nested horizontal slider within. Transitioning between slides also triggers custom animations using transforms and opacity.

Animated elements

The animations on this website are done with Animate.css. This library makes it easy to add cross-browser animations to the website.

Using jQuery CSS3 Animation Queue allows the animations to trigger one at a time as elements move into the viewport.

Page Transitions

Attempting to move to a new page triggers all the elements to reverse their animations. A class is added to the body which triggers all the animations to restart in the reverse direction. This feature runs asynchronously with the HTTP request so this animation out does not block the new page from loading.

Bilingual content

This website is available in both Chinese and English. Polylang is the plugin doing the translation. The custom theme we built for the website is running twig as a template engine. We had to manually register all hard-coded labels with their Chinese counterpart.

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