Bare Bones Slider is a jQuery slider that is built for developers. Features include carousels, custom mask animations, and easily accessible public methods.


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A jQuery minimalist slider
Bare Bones Slider

A jQuery minimalist slider

There are a lot of jQuery slider plugins out there. Each one has a lot of features built in. This is great for beginners who just want a plug-and-play slider plugin. However, problems arise when the design gets complex and the plugin's elements don't match your designer's vision.

Bare Bones Slider is a jQuery slider for developers. The biggest strength of this slider isn't what it does; it's what it doesn't do. By default, all extra elements are off; developers can add new functionality without having to undo the plugin's "helpful" features. Beginners can use pre-coded options, while experts can control it using public methods.

Triggering CSS3 transitions manually

The initial release of this plugin used jQuery's animate function for its animations. Eventually, I added CSS transitions instead for better hardware acceleration.

One big hurdle was that the slider needed to position the next slide before animating it. Previously, I could position the element with jQuery's css function and animate it with jQuery's animate function. Attempting to achieve this with the transition property in CSS3 produced some weird results.

Initially, I tried to add a class that had transition:none, position the element, remove the class which should have re-enabled animations, and apply the final coordinates. The actual result was that the element animated from out of unexpected places.

After a bit a research, I realized that the JavaScript code that was adding and removing the classes was synchronous. It added a class and removed the same class in the same function so it did nothing. Having CSS sandwiched in between to re-position the element didn't trigger a redraw or repaint.

My chosen solution for now is just to separate the reset and animate functions with a setTimeout to make sure the browser doesn't skip over steps.

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