Manning Elliott is an accounting firm located in Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley. I was the sole developer to create the website and provide support throughout the years while employed at Burst! Creative Group Inc. The website has online job application forms, YouTube videos, and multi-lingual translations.


  • Drupal
  • Multi-lingual
Invoice Online Payments
CCH Content
Online job application

Invoice Online Payments

Manning Elliott wanted their clients to be able to pay their invoices online. We setup a Moneris hosted paypage on their website. It allowed users to enter their invoice number and amount and pay by credit card.

They also wanted to know how to prevent spammers from submitting fraudulent payments. We decided on Google ReCAPTCHA to fight bots. However, since Moneris doesn't have a ReCAPTCHA validation on their side, we had to implement it on the website and put a layer between the form and the final submission to Moneris.

CCH Content

Some of the resource feeds come from a third-party service called CCH. The data is provided in a JSON format and the website uses AJAX to retrieve it before rendering it on the page.

Online job application

Manning Elliott also has multiple open job positions at their company. One requested feature was an online application form. Users can apply online by filling out their name and uploading their documents.

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