Pacific Grosvenor

The Pacific by Grosvenor is a WordPress website with a custom theme featuring a brand new building constructed in Downtown Vancouver. I was the main developer building the website while employed at Burst! Creative Group Inc. The main WordPress plugin used is WPBakery Page Builder and I built multiple custom elements using the vc_map function. The website is fully responsive with fading transitions as you scroll down.


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Case Studies

Floorplans Grid

I created a new post type in WordPress with custom fields for the thumbnail, pdf download, and other text fields.

A custom element was programmed into WPBakery Page Builder to list out all the floorplans. The element contains a custom WordPress query to retrieve all the floorplan posts. jQuery's Isotope plugin was used to display all the floorplans in a masonry grid with the filters.

Floorplans Grid

Floorplans Slider

The floorplans popup was another custom element built into WPBakery Page Builder. Using the same query as the grid, a new page was created that contained just the in-depth floorplan information.

All the floorplans were then put into a slider. I programmed the ability to pass a parameter into the URL which would go to a specific slide.

Back on the grid, I added a custom click event to the thumbnails, which would open the slider page inside an iframe in a popup. The parameter passed into the URL made sure it always arrived at the correct position.

Floorplans Slider