PHP Trainee

PHP Trainee is a free tutorial website for teaching people web development. As a content management system built with Laravel, PHP Trainee is a website that has very fast performance and little back-end overhead. The system features completely functional blog, forum, comments, search, and users.


  • Laravel

Case Studies

MVC Design Pattern

This website was built using a heavily modified version of MINI. I had to program my own CRUD functions, as the framework only provided a basic routing system.

As a bare-bones PHP framework, it allowed me to learn and experience what the MVC design pattern really meant. I had to build my own member registration and login system as well as system for users to create content on the website. A back-end was also created for potential admins to easily moderate users and content.

The development time was long, but the end result was a website with very fast loading times as there was very little unused code. Knowing why and how everything works allows for quicker debugging times in the future, because it usually takes longer to find the source of the issue than it takes to fix it.