This is a Pokedex built using React using data provided by Poke API.


  • React
Higher-Order Components (HOC)
Extracting parameters from the route

Higher-Order Components (HOC)

Most of the components needed to load a JSON file on componentDidMount. Some file URLs were based on route parameters so I would need to update the data with componentDidUpdate.

This would normally result in a lot of copy / paste functions in multiple components. Since the DRY principal tries to avoid redundancy, I decided to wrap them into a higher-order component, which allowed me to reuse a lot of the component logic.

Extracting parameters from the route

While building the aforementioned HOC, I ran into another issue. The HOC had to be declared before it was mounted, which meant this and subsequently props were undefined; I couldn't pass the route parameters to it.

My solution was to pass the route pattern, which was constant, and using the url-pattern package, I managed to reverse-engineer the route parameters during componentDidMount of the HOC component.

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