White Spot restaurants is a chain of restaurants in British Columbia and Alberta. They were looking to revamp their previous website, keeping up with the latest technology and customer service. In short, they wanted to create a web presence that would boast an attractive combination of both style and functionality, all while offering an effortless user experience.


  • Drupal
  • Mobile Version
Content Migration
Advanced Locations Search
Online job form application
Separate version for mobile and tablets
Quickly find the closest restaurant

Content Migration

One of the first tasks was to migrate all the content from the old Drupal 6 system. Their existing system had a lot of content that I had to export into a CSV file and import it into their new system using the Drupal Feeds module.

There was a importer and exporter for every single content type and I had to cross-match all the fields and occasionally modify the value using Feeds Tamper before importing the data into the new system.

One of the most difficult parts of the import process was entity references in their old system. All job postings on the website belong to a specific location. I had to keep this reference in this new system, but all the node IDs would be regenerated on creation. In the end, I had to use the old node IDs as the GUID in the importer and reference that to match up the content properly.

Advanced Locations Search

One of the most important pages of the website was the restaurant locations. The client wanted the page to be easily searched by location and available amenities. We developed the new search featuring using a combination of contextual and exposed view filters.

Online job form application

The client wanted to take job applications online. Since new applications would be created over time, we had to make it as easy as possible for the client to create new webforms.

We developed a generic application form template which allowed the client to clone the form functionality while updating the text copy.

Another feature the client requested was the ability for applicants to apply to multiple locations at once. We had to reference all the individual application pages with their respective job titles. When a potential applicant visits the page, it retrieves open positions from other locations and gives the option to apply there as well.

Separate version for mobile and tablets

The client requested on a simpler design for tablet and mobile devices. We didn't want hide elements as that would still consume extra bandwidth.

We decided to develop a separate mobile version of the website that highlighted the most important parts of the website. Using a separate theme gave multiple benefits:

  • It allowed for creative freedom to restructure content and emphasis important information.
  • JavaScript would be targeted to specific devices.
  • Images could be scaled down for smaller screen sizes to reduce bandwidth and improve page speed.

Quickly find the closest restaurant

Another feature requested was the ability for customers on the road to quickly find the closest restaurant. The mobile version of the locations page also includes a Geolocation check. With the customer's permission and HTML5 Geolocation, we could inform the customer of the closest restaurants to their current location.

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